Our Experts

Our People, Our Team, Our Family……………Together, we can!

It’s a source of pride to have a team composed of true events experts.
Our unrivalled dedication will bring you peace of mind in the knowledge you are in the safest pair of hands.

Our team is experienced in many areas. They are all well-travelled, have many years in the tourism and event management industry and a rich variety of life experiences.

Experience Matters....with the rise of digital transforming our world, at TourVibes we believe in meaningful brand experience. We are a group of diverse, opinionated, passionate people that support each other unquestionably. A family in every sense. We work together as one team, giving our clients access to some of the best brand experience talent in the world.

(Technology Guru of TourVibes)

Deepak is a people focused leader with live wire of energy, a GURU in Process & Technology. He is an IT professional with 2 decades of experience, started his career as a software trainee and have played various roles like Developer, Designer, Architect, Project Manager, Program Manager, Business Unit Head and Director. He has been instrumental in scaling up engineering team from 20 to hundreds of people. Before joining TourVibes team, he was Vice President of a subsidiary belonging to Emirates Telecommunications, UAE

He is instrumental in ramping up technology in TourVibes, including research and innovation. He also serves on the board of Nova Global along with being a Trustee of a social service organisation in Bengaluru, INDIA. His onsite experience in US, UK, Singapore, Qatar, UAE and China adds a lot of value to TourVibes Global Connect.

Licenses & Certifications – Certified Chief Information Security Officer, Certified Corporate Director, Six Sigma green belt, AWS certified Solutions Architect (Associate) Cloud Services, PMI certified PMP, Fundamentals of Company Law, TOGAF (Enterprise Architect).

His astute belief in God and undying love towards his parents has nurtured him to be a good human being and keeps him relatively grounded towards his life. He is a person that you can always look up to for inspiration, correct & justice guidance and core values.

He is a very calm, composed, down to earth, hardworking and way finder for all the problem statements. With his endless knowledge and experience. We found him to be a gentleman to begin with, exemplifies the statement ‘cool as an ice under pressure’; a rarity these days.

Deepak has an uncanny knack of coming up with new initiatives and making sure that they are completed to closure. More like the IBM add ‘STOP TALKING…START DOING’ - Where people can only speak about ideas, Deepak has a "Solution Mindset", person who can also think and deliver it.

With his very personable and friendly nature, he believes in bringing creativity and pizzazz to the work that TourVibes does. A fun-loving guy and is an inspirational force for most of the colleagues.

In his spare time, he loves to travel, explore new gadgets and spend his leisure time by watching movies and Sports.

He believes in, Simplicity Trumps All…. Be Happy. Be Positive. Be You. Keep It Real! Keep It Transparent!

(Trouble Shooter of TourVibes)

His habit of day - dreaming endlessly has given him an eye to visualize things in totality.

An Administrator by passion; tech-savvy and a multi-faceted dynamic result-oriented Management graduate and a pure Kannadiga by heart. He is an excellent administrator on one hand and an able strategist on the other. He comes with over 15 plus years of rich, extensive, comprehend and consolidated experience in the various domains of Administration, Facility Management, Travel/Tourism and Event management.

It has been a long arduous Journey for Lingaraj from small sleepy steel village to Bangalore. Wish that he could make a difference to all those who strive to excel despite adversaries in life. A frank straightforward person absolutely in love with life ready to hitch up... :-)

A happy go lucky kind... Love living, and cherish moments, forgetful, extroverted and down to earth, possessing a wild streak that incites him to explore the unknown.... want to do everything under the sun and may be beyond too. He loves to read autobiography and history is something that fascinates him. His work has taken him around the world, meeting new people and garnering new perspective of life.

He loves to keep himself fit and enjoys the company of a good read, a good friend or a good wheel. He is very process driven and a fun person to work with.

Lingaraj is a very dynamic person with a great ability to multi-task has a very keen eye for detail and handles potentially explosive situations in a very calm manner. Our team recognise him as Trouble Shooter of TourVibes team – he takes quick and rational decisions and action those on any scale provided.

He is an avid traveller, passionate about trekking, long drives, inclined towards meeting new people and intends to see the world! He is a dept at pairing the right people with the right tasks – securing a reputation for excellence delivered, every time.

When not hard at work, Lingaraj can be found on lazy chair enjoy watching series with smartphone or sleeping with Kindle!

He will always choose lazy person to do a difficult job.........Because, he/she will find an easy way to do it.


(Negotiator& Navigator of TourVibes)

Mamta born and brought up in best values of a joint family. If she would not have been here, you could have found her in the Dental clinic with a dental instrument to treat your teeth and examine surrounding oral structures, which she left after qualifying due to family obligation.

She is a passionate and creative Sales, Advertising and Brand management professional with proven leadership capabilities in revitalizing and launching products, devising effective advertising campaigns, Budget management and cost control. She holds an MBA from Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) with over 14 plus years of experience in various well-known organisations, including Indian Express, Hindustan Times, Indian Express North American Edition San Jose (California – USA), Tampines library Singapore and Stovekraft Pvt Ltd (Pigeon Kitchen Appliances).

She worked hard and had set goals for herself in the service industry and still works hard to achieve and reach the epitome of her career. She knows how to manage hard things focusing on end results, plus has strong abilities to deal with people and negotiate upon making changes and getting results. She traverses that extra mile to get things rolling and up.

Never die attitude; always with loads of enthusiasm; helping; responsible; nurtures and dependable these are the few adjectives which can describe her. Strong character with efficient results, has no fear or doubts to accomplish her goals and support TourVibes. She is a top notch professional, very focused on her area of expertise and she does that with a smile on her face.

A skilled craftswoman with a gift for innovative thinking, multi-tasking in diverse areas, unique in networking with people in different capacities and she handles all with ease.

She still loves to work late hours despite of her young son waiting at home. Her zeal and single-minded focus with regard to her work, has led her to scale opposition.

Mamta has a real passion for food and spends most of her spare time cooking up a storm in the kitchen from Uttar Karnataka Javar roti to Mexican pizza. Outside of work she likes to spend quality time with her family and friends.

She believes less in absolute delegation and more in let us work together in the trenches.

(Well Planner and Event Organiser of TourVibes)

Efficiency, Planning & Organising: That’s the buzz word with Yamuna, she is the perfect enabler, working in the background tirelessly so that our client always in the best position to enjoy their well-planned Travel or Event.

A multi-faceted, dynamic result oriented professional with 18 plus years of rich, extensive, comprehensive experience in arena of General Administration and Facility functionalities for strategic utilization and deployment of available resources to achieve organizational goals.

Proactive decisive with high energy and result oriented professional. Working with people at all levels and cultural diversities, has supported and motivated TourVibes team to pass through all kinds of challenges and difficult situations.

Having strong process skills with a clear decision making, planning, leadership capabilitiesand analytical skills with the exposure of working in automated Information Technology environment. Yamuna has good insight of the administrative activities and proficiency in prioritizing, organizing and accomplishing work in a timely manner helped her to take up new and challenging assignments with an inclination to learning, She came as a perfect professional, who understood the business criticality and goes the extra mile to help our clients.

Her coordinating and organising skills, focus on the smallest detail of the work, precise planning and execution, coupled with timely, proactive updates to the TourVibes clients has created pleasant experience. She is very approachable, and a person whom we can expect results and not reasons.

Her personalized touch to work shows her passion for work and commitment. She is a very straight forward, friendly and approachable person

Yamuna is a meticulous planner - she plans even the simplest tasks and tries to be perfect in everything she does. You do not need to go to any wiki site to verify information provided by her. Her remarkable knowledge and ability to navigate the complex function of ticketing enable the TourVibes leadership team to uphold our reputation for flawless execution travel itinerary and watertight event management.

On a sunny day, you’ll find Yamuna in town with her friends, either in the shops or drinking cocktails – she is also always looking for her next holiday plan or destination!

Social good is in her DNA; When she isn’t leading the TourVibes team, Yamuna spends much of her spare time in hosting dinner parties, cooking, baking and handling events schedules for her two-younger son’s – at swimming lessons, music classes, and tutoring them. Equally, she does enjoy the gym and yoga to keep herself fit and fine. She has a new obsession with plants too! A little-known fact about Yamuna is that she has the GREENEST balcony in Bangalore.

She has a simple rule of thumb - Spend our clients’ money as if it was our own.

(Great people skill & Natural explorer of TourVibes)

Shikha is from Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) - The city is widely regarded as "The Leather City of the World" and is also nick named as "Manchester of India". Like a true Scorpion, she is quirky, independent, strong willed, passionate and believe in taking risks but not hasty ones. She is deeply enhanced by her fixed and water-driven nature.

She is a passionate traveller from her childhood and has covered major destinations around the Globe. She decided to turn her passion into her career and completed her Post Graduation in Tourism Management along with post graduate diploma in Cosmetology and skin care specialist. With around 8 plus years in the industry and a host of transferable skills that will allow her to work in a variety of positions within the tourism industry and execute TourVibes brand events and initiatives to generate sales and build client relationship.

Her uncanny attitude of "Never say Die", has been instrumental in achieving whatever she dreamt of till now. Wherever she goes, she has an inherent quality of basking in the attention. Her bubbly nature, eye for detail, hard work, and smooth talking, has made her where she stands today.

She brings in the mix of rich people management and training experience, Industry audit and technical skills which helped her to work smarter and on time with TourVibes.

Her passions include keeping fit with gym and strict diet, enjoys movies and music. The lesser known fact is that Shikha is passionate for being look beautiful and make people’s skin beautiful!

Favourite thing to do outside of work, hop on an airplane and travel somewhere exotic!

She believes, extraordinary happens in the spaces where brand, people and culture blur and blend perfectly.

Dr Chandrashekhar
(Health Ambassador of TourVibes)

It’s not his alarm that wakes him up; it’s his dedication! You must be wondering……what will Dr Chandru do with TourVibes!!!

“Dr” is not just his prefix, it’s his superpower.

Tourism is no longer just touring and travelling, and it is becoming more and more focused on the specialization as per the customer choice, requirement, travelling moods, cultural emphasis, economic factors, health condition and specific social and socio-psychological trends.

Dr Chandrashekhar is Skilled physician with 15 solid years of exemplary service in the medical field. Committed to providing excellent care and service to patients, listening to everyone’s concerns, and treating for whole-body wellness. He completed his early medical education from Karnataka Medical College (KMC), Hubli and holds a postgraduate degree (MD) in Anaesthesia and Critical Care. Presently he serves as Consultant Anaesthetist at the Columbia Asia Hospital, Bengaluru.

Being a doctor, he has rich experience working as a physician in the tourism industry. He worked with world’s Largest Cruise line -Carnival Cruise Lines as senior Ship Physician and travelled many parts of the world including exotic locales in Caribbean Islands, Hawaii Islands, Alaska, Polynesian countries etc. As a ship physician, he was involved in taking care of the health of the crew and treating guests with various emergency medical conditions on board. He was involved in diagnosing, managing, treating and optimizing simple illnesses to very serious medical conditions as respiratory failure, heart attack, acute abdomen, stroke, trauma etc. It was a challenging job with limited resources and critical decision making to safeguard the health of crew and guests.

With a strong medical background and work experience in the travel industry, Dr Chandrashekhar is playing a vital role in giving pre-travel advise, health care tips for our Inbound & Outbound travellers, specific travel medicine recommendations etc., and he is a backbone for TourVibes medical tourism in India.

Dr Chandrashekhar known for his proven and effective communication skills with patients, families, and other medical professionals, Leadership abilities to lead and manage practice staff in providing patients with quality care, highly organized, detailed oriented, ability to quickly and properly diagnose patient conditions in emergencies to ensure they receive the treatment they need as soon as possible under controlled conditions. A highly personable, competent, and team-spirited physician recognised for excelling in fast track, high-stress environments.

During his downtime, he enjoys trekking, meditation, Travels to distant lands, cruising, spend his days off and downtime working to increase his physical endurance and speed. More importantly, social work is in his blood - Free medical services in the community to keep himself happy and healthy, caring and good travel companions for people through the journey of life.

He strongly believes in two things – “Time is generally the best Doctor” and “Wherever the art of medicine is Loved, there is also a love of Humanity”